The Gospel Message…come one, come all.

Here’s a clear, attractive and relatively short  vid sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If we had tracts like this…whoo man!  As a matter of fact, it addresses questions that plague even faithful Christians…those of us who have faith that the God of the Bible is, indeed, the one, true and absolutely loving God of all.  That’s what I call an effective vid.  Yee-haw!


YouTube Channel Recommendation

This YouTube channel offers a collection of consistently good music that honestly and wholeheartedly gives honor to the Lord; each artist does so through portraying a message unique to their own lives and using amazing beats and rhymes to do so. Do I love it? Oh, yes I do.

Here are a few of my favorite vids off of here (but, I don’t think there’s one I looked at that I didn’t want to add to my favorites).  Yep.

This song has a surprise twist at the end that was better executed than alot of movies I’ve seen.

Here’s a Ka-Razy tune, (and I’m not even talking about the straight-jacket featured in the vid). Good stuff.

Frank and convicting…if you dare to hear.

the Advent Conspiracy…are you in?

I should have posted this eons ago.  Not only is the artwork amazing, but so is the reminder and the movement.  Praise God for this.  Loverly 🙂

CD’s are sooo two minutes ago…

The best idea ever!! Musicians, steal this idea…but credit the folks you got it from…or at least give them a huge thank you.

Okay, so I got to see a few bands at the Hope Fest that I attended a few weeks ago.  The headlining band, “9th Hour” also had a booth there with pretty nice merchandise.  But, I have to say that the best thing I saw there was just kinda brilliant:

In addition to selling CD’s, they offered a flashdrive that included their entire album and maybe some other stuff.  There was also space left on the drive for other files. Uhm…brilliant?  Most definitely.

Will also try to post about the Nehemiah Fest which they are a part of…because the concept behind this event is just kinda…well, you know….start’s with a “Brill” and ends with an “iant.”

Cam “Platform”

Cam “Platform”.  Nice.

This reminds me of a sermon done at Angelus Temple during their Saturday Night Redefined service. The message was about each one of us having a platform from which we can be influential. But, we have to be willing to develop it. Latahs! Q.


Innovative: in Faithfulness – Faith Mission Miracle Deliverance Church in Leavenworth, KS

There’s something special about people that have no reason to care about you and yet show that they do as much as they can.  I encountered that a couple times when I first arrived in KC, most recently at a small church located all the way in Leavenworth, KS (about a 45 mins. drive from where I live…even by Los Angeles standards that’s far!)

Faith Mission Miracle Deliverance Church offered pick-up service for my family when we didn’t have a car.  As a matter of fact, it was one of their own parishioners that offered us the car we have, and at a pretty stinkin’ incredible price that we still appreciate to this day.  Anyway, they’re beauty lies in their extreme care for the individuals that become part of their church family.  They welcome you in and call and just make sure you know that you’re not alone in this life.  And, that persistent, friendly care is offered after just talking with you over the phone!  Let alone after they meet you!

I have to say it’s just something very new for me.  And, I’m not quite sure how to integrate it into whatever God has me do, but I will figure it out.  ‘Cause that’s a trying ministry, to really put your heart and soul into caring for an individual…that may not even be there tomorrow.  But, to do it anyway, in anyway that you can afford to do.  That kind of heart is very unlike what most of us encounter on a daily basis.  And, can be intimidating.  But, there’s something about it that is also comforting…to know that someone’s got your back.  That means something, even if we don’t realize it until we need it.

And, they encourage your involvement in expressing yourself for Jesus.  Whether they ask you to speak a few words at the pulpit or read scripture, or share worship in the form of song or dance…there’s an opportunity for you to be challenged when it comes to presenting who Christ is through how He works in You.  Good stuff.

If you’re in Leavenworth, KS or within an hour’s drive, I encourage you check them out…or even call them for a pick-up!  They’d love to serve you and welcome you!


Innovation: in Prayer! IHOP-Missions Base, Kansas City, CA

I remember a long time ago meeting one of those friends that were destined to be one of those wonderfully short-term relationships that would leave life-long impressions.  We’d had a conversation about nuns and monastaries.  My view was that, “hey, come on, instead of just praying about change…BE change!”  And, I wish I could remember her exact response, because it was said so simply and wonderfully.  The gist of it was that perhaps they’re role is no less importan, to devote themselves to battling in the spirit on behalf of those who battle in the physical.  It pretty much stopped me in my self-righteous tracks.

So, I’ve been in Kansas City for a while now…and only recently have I gotten to attend a few services at International House of Prayer (@ihopkc).  I was impressed by IHOP’s passion for informing people of what is going on in the spiritual realm.  Honestly, I think it might be a bit too much for someone whose not already very much desiring to know Christ more deeply.  But, it’s powerful to be informed.  And, they’re approach to prayer and teaching is different from anything I’ve ever encountered before on a regular basis.

My most favorite part is their 24-hour Prayer Room.  Oh, man, I could just die there…but I don’t think they’d want that, sooo….  24-7 the prayer room is open for you to walk in and just soak.  A worship team is singing at all times and mostly they’re singing  and playing their instruments off of scripture!!  It sounds very improvised which makes it all the more amazing at how well the music comes together.  There’s a healing section for getting prayer for healing.  Periodically a man or woman will get up to the mic and pray for different city’s, populations, situations, countries…whatever, as they’re backed by the music.  There’s an area made just for dancing, (if you’re brave enough).  And, the aisles are made wide enough for walking.  It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of and really…I’m learning that prayer makes such a huge difference in how you react to the remainder of the day.  (I need to keep reminding myself that.)

Being “Forerunners” in the arts, as well, seems to be a recurring theme that’s growing in emphasis.  For more info, check out their site.

By the way, their OneThing’09 conference is coming up in KC (Kansas City computer repair).  I’ve never been, but I’m in town, so I will definitely be checking it out.  Check out when it may be coming around your area.  IHOP has affiliates in other cities, too 🙂

God bless you!


Innovation: in OutReach! Angelus Temple/Dream Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Angelus Temple–located in Los Angeles, CA–was the first church I’d ever encountered that so whole heartedly put action to the words found in the Bible.  Man, that was like crazy to me!  Anyone else feel that?  It’s that focus that kept me there and encouraged me to get involved in the way that was right for me.  It’s active pursuit of meeting God’s call to love and desciple has definitely become an essential part of my developing perspective in regards to ministry. 

Angelus Temple/Dream Center strive to not only meet the basic needs of people for shelter, food and safety, but they ensure that the source of their actions is known: a passion for seeing Jesus Christ’s great commission accomplished.  It does that through many outreaches, to name a few: Hope for the Homeless (geared towards homeless youth), Adopt-a-Block (regular clean-up and services for local neighbors), the Food Truck ministry which brings food to neighborhoods all over L.A. county, MetroKidz (see this post for that ministry’s YouTube vid) and more.  It’s situated right in the middle of what was once one of the most feared areas in LA, Echo Park.  15 years after AT’s consistent intervention, Echo Park has become a cool mix of artsy entrepreneurs and resident families. 

Yep, it’s a great starting place to get groomed, pruned, to be challenged and to grow…if you really, really want to. 

I encourage anyone in the area to check out an always applicable sermon given by Pastor Matthew Barnett (@MatthewBarnett). Take part in the sincere and fully rockin’ worship headed up by Pastor Dave Hanley and the in-house band (and radio favorites) Press Play (@thisisPressPlay). And, get infected by the ministry’s passion for outreach.  Check out the DC (Dream Center) blog filled with entries by individual people who have found themselves blessed by getting involved in the ministry’s diverse outreaches: and, I suggest checking out the Small Groups and finding one that fits you, but challenges you.

And, if you’re in the Big Apple, check out the New York Dream Center, as well 🙂

God bless!

So, hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future on this blog.

…because I’ve opened it up to just blasting anything/anyone that is just crazy innovative with whatever vision/passion/talent that God has given them.  And, though my focus is on the arts, creativity in itself is not limited to that arena and neither will the blog be.  Here, I’m posting a few trend-setting ministries that impacted me from the first moment I encountered them.  Two happen to be large and well established ministries, but a daring idea that is well executed is not restricted by size, as is seen in my third example:

God’s making His story – Mike Taylor’s story

The name of this blog owes itself to the first actual group of Christian friends that I’d made after I’d returned my life back to Christ.  Mike Taylor is a member of that group and has since never ceased to astound me with his consistency and kindness.

But, what also astounds me is his approach to ministry.  It is unexpected, creative and very unique to him, his personality, his testimony and the call of God upon his life.

Check out Mike’s website,, and you’ll see what I mean.  On there, he has a page dedicated to sharing the Good News through different testimonies of regular people.  He’d love to share your story with whomever may benefit from it, so you’re welcome to submit your story to  Eventually I’ll be submitting mine, so keep a lookout =)

Here’s a bit more about Mike, in his own words =)

Favorite Scripture


A different kind of hunger…

New Life and Friendships


At first, he didn’t think he had a testimony, and he shares why he now deems it invaluable for every Christian to write theirs down!


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